How do I select a seat on Southwest Airlines?

Traveling to your desired destination on comfortable seats will help you to make your travel more convenient. Several airlines give you seat selection options, and Southwest Airlines is one of them. After making the reservation with Southwest, if you are looking to select the seat, you can use their official website, and if you do not have details about the process, you can go through below. 

  • Look for the official website of Southwest Airlines 
  • Then open the manage booking page and fill out the last name with the booking reference number 
  • Following this, you need to choose the seat selection tap and make the selection of comfortable seats
  • Next, you need to save the details, and if you see any charges, then pay them. 
  • Last, Southwest Airlines will send your email.

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

There are multiple policies given by Southwest Airlines for seat selection. Having the information about those policies is essential as it will help you know whether you must pay the charges. You can read below if you do not have information about those policies. 

  • You can select the seat within 24 hours of booking without paying charges, but the charges are available after that time. 
  • The seat selection will depend upon the seats' availability; if no seats are vacant, then you will not be eligible to select the seat. 
  • The airlines will not allow infants, senior citizens, and pregnant women to select the seats near the emergency exit or in the front row of the cabin. 
  • Until check-in time, if you do not make the seat selection, airlines will automatically allot you the seats; if you want to modify that, you need to pay the charges. 
  • While purchasing the tickets, if you get any insurance of the tickets, then you will able to select the seat without paying any charges. 

Can you pick seats on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can pick the preferable seats on Southwest Airlines, but only if the fare selection allows it. To make the seat selection, you can use the official website of the airline, or you can contact the airline's customer service. You have to follow the policies of seat selection and carry your luggage as per the allowance of the seat, but if you want to carry more baggage, you have to pay extra charges. 

How do I get priority seating with Southwest?

If you are looking for any special seats, like window seats or vacant side seats, then you need to use the priority seating option. In this, you have to purchase the early bird check-in, and for that, you have to pay the additional charges. By using this early bird check-in, you can board early and get different immunities.