How do I upgrade my seats in Copa ?

Embarking on a journey with Copa Airlines promises not just transportation but an experience marked by comfort, convenience, and exceptional service. Yet, for travelers seeking an even greater level of luxury and refinement, upgrading to a higher class presents an enticing opportunity. Copa Airlines, a leading carrier in Latin America, offers passengers various options for upgrading their class, allowing them to enjoy premium amenities, enhanced comfort, and exclusive services. Whether you are a frequent flyer, planning a trip, or thinking about how do I upgrade my seats in Copa Airlines then, this comprehensive guide will walk you into the methods, eligibility criteria, tips, and considerations for upgrading your class on Copa Airlines, ensuring a seamless and elevated travel experience for every journey.

Understanding Copa Airlines Class Options:

Copa Airlines offers a range of cabin classes tailored to different preferences and travel needs. Understanding the difference between these classes is essential for choosing the upgrade that best suits for your preferences and budget.

  • Economy Class: Economy class serves as a standard offering for most passengers, providing comfortable seating and essential amenities for a pleasant journey.
  • Business Class: Business class represents a significant step in comfort and luxury, featuring spacious seating, premium amenities, and exclusive service designed to enhance the travel experience.
  • Premium Economy/Premium Business Class: Some routes may offer premium economy or premium business class options, providing additional comforts and amenities compared to the standard economy while not reaching the full luxury of Business Class.

Understanding the Upgrade option:

For travelers who want to upgrade their seats, Copa Airlines provides several options to upgrade their seats:

  • Instant Upgrade: The instant upgrades are confirmed instantly by paying a fixed fare. These upgrades are ideal for travelers who seek immediate degradation. Your offers will not compete with other bids.
  • Bid Upgrades: In the bid upgrades, you make a bid stating the amount you are willing to pay, and your bid will be compared with other received bids. These could be a chance to secure Business Class without breaking the bank.
  • Airport Upgrades: You can directly contact the airport for the degradation, and it is based on the availability of seats. Reach at least 2 hours before the departure and request an upgrade. Agents at the airport will verify the availability and the cost of upgradation.

Methods for upgrading your class in Copa Airlines:

Copa Airlines provides passengers with various pathways to upgrade their class,  catering to different preferences, loyalty statuses, and budget considerations. Understanding these methods is crucial for maximizing your chances of securing an upgrade.

  • Paid Upgrades: Copa Airlines often allows their passengers to purchase upgrades to a higher class, either during the booking process at the airport check-in counter or through the airlines' official website or mobile app.

  • Miles Upgrade: embers of Copa Airlines; frequent flyer program, ConnectMiles, may have the option to upgrade their class using accumulated miles. This option is subject to availability and may require a certain number of miles depending on the route and class of services.
  • Complimentary Upgrades: Copa Airlines may offer a complimentary upgrade to the passengers who are eligible for that as a gesture of appreciation or as a benefit of their loyalty status within the ConnectMiles program. These upgrades are typically awarded based on factors such as frequent flyer tier, fare classes, and availability.

How do I get a free upgrade on Copa?

If you are dreaming of sipping champagne in Business class without breaking the bank, then here are the steps given on how you can upgrade your seats in Copa Airlines for free:

  • ConnectMiles Prefer Members (The VIP Club): If you are a frequent flyer, consider becoming a ConnectMiles Prefer Member. These elite travelers receive exclusive benefits, including complementary degradation if available.

  • The FlyUp Business Class Upgrade: Copa Airlines offers the FlyUp Business program, allowing passengers to bid for Business class upgrades. While it is not entirely free, but it is a budget-friendly way to elevate your journey.
  • Using Miles for upgrades: ConnectMiles members can also use their hard-earned miles to request Business Class upgrades. Get your ticket, Inquire about the upgrade costs, and use your miles to upgrade to that class. The miles needed depend on your travel region.

Upgrade requests are typically approved or rejected between 48-12 hours before your flight. So keep your eye on the inbox to know about it.

Does Copa Airlines have Business Class?

Yes, Copa Airlines does offer Business class experiences that combine comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury. Copa Airlines provides Business class seating on all its flights, ensuring that passengers enjoy an enhanced travel experience. Here are the key features:

  • Increased Legroom: Copa Airlines offers spacious legroom space in its Business Class. Stretch out and relax in spacious seats designed for comfort. Copa Airlines Business Class seats vary by aircraft, but they consistently offer a comfortable experience.
  • Priority Boarding: If you have booked a Business Class seat, then you can skip the lines and be among the first to board the aircraft.
  • Complimentary Meals and Beverages: Enjoy the curated menu with a variety of dining options.
  • Access to Copa Club and VIP Lounges: Unwind before your flight in exclusive lounges.
  • Extra Baggage Allowance: You can pack more without worrying about excess fees.

What is the difference between Economy Extra and Convenient on Copa?

Let's explore the difference between Economy Extra and Convenient seating options on Copa Airlines:

Economy Extra:

  • Economy Extra offers a comfortable travel experience with 24 premium seats that provide extra legroom and greater recline.
  • You can enjoy the latest In-flight entertainment on 10-inch touch screens.
  • Economy Extra is only available on Copa Airlines' Boeing 737-Max9 aircraft.
  • You will have reserved overhead bin spaces for your carry-ons.


  • Convenient seats are located at the front of the economy cabin.
  • These seats offer standard legroom and reclined seats.
  • You can enjoy the same 10-inch touchscreen with In-flight entertainment options, including Movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Suitable for the passengers who want a convenient location within the economy cabin.

Remember that the availability of these seat types may vary based on the specific Copa Airlines flights and aircraft configuration. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and travel needs.