How do I Select a Seat on Air France?

Traveling to your preferred seat on Air France to your destination, especially if you are traveling to an international destination, is both comforting and relaxing. Many travelers have specific seat requirements and wish to reserve a spot according to their preferences. Air France understands this scenario and hence enables passengers to make seat selections via multiple ways. All procedure Air France Seat selection are straightforward. To pick seats, travelers must have information regarding seat selection policies. All the information that will be required by passengers prior to selecting seats is given below:

Air France seat selection policies:

Travelers who want to travel via Air France on their selected seat must make sure that they obey the seat selection policies set by the airlines. There are a number of seat selection policies. However, the most relevant ones are described below:

  • Air France automatically allots seats to passengers who fail to book their seats in advance.
  • Seat selection majorly depends upon the availability of seats; if seats are available only, then travelers are liable to pick their preferred options. 
  • If any kid is traveling solo, then he will be allotted a preferred standard seat by Air France free of charge.
  • If any passenger is traveling with a kid under two years old, then they are not permitted to make seat selections online; they must reach the airport to get their seats reserved.
  • Emergency exit seats are not allotted to every passenger by Air France Airlines, especially if you are a pregnant lady or minor.
  • There are many passengers who require special assistance and travel in wheelchairs on Air France flights; these travelers can reserve extra legroom seats. 

What seat options are available with Air France? 

Air France enables travelers to pick seats with extra legroom, aisle seats, or even window seats in different travel classes. Passengers can also reach their destinations seated on the first row of the aircraft, which makes them eligible to be the first ones to make the exit. No matter what your preferences are, you can always select any of the following seats on Air France:

  • Standard seats
  • Premium-seats
  • Business class seats

Procedure Air France Seat selection:

Air France enables travelers to pick their preferred seat in advance to travel to their selected destinations comfortably. If you are thinking, “How do I Select a Seat on Air France?” Then, you can refer to the online steps to reserve your favorite spot on Air France without facing any issues at the last minute. 

  • Visit the official website of Air France.
  • Click on the “My-bookings” option.
  • You can now either log in with your booking reference number or account credentials to proceed.
  • As you head to your account and click on your ticket, you will get the seat selection option.
  • Check the seat availabilities on the Air france seat map.
  • Select your preferred option.
  • Make seat-selection payment.
  • Soon you will be informed regarding the allotted seat on your email address. 

Select an Air France seat at the airport:

Air France also enables travelers to pick their seats even after reaching the airport. They can directly reach the reservation counter of Air France and mention their ticket information to check the available seat information. The airline representative will help with the seat selection process, and travelers can make payments to get specific options. 

Select seats at self kiosk:

Travelers can also pick a seat after check-in via a self-kiosk. They must be aware that the chances of your preferred option via this mode are fairly less. However, you can go to the kiosk counter, insert booking details, follow the displayed instructions, and pick your seats. 

How much is an Air France Seat Selection fee?

Not all Air France seats are payable; however, many seats can only be reserved by travelers by paying seat selection charges. This fee depends upon the selected seat and the time at which you make the seat selection. The approximate amount that is to be paid by passengers to make seat selections varies from $80-$150. The exact fees depend upon travel dates and destinations. 

How do I select an Air France seat selection after reservations?

Travelers who have already booked tickets can select seats by visiting the manage booking section. They can make seat selections either online or they can contact the customer service of Air France by dialing the phone number 1 (800) 237-2747 to get information regarding flight availability. They are permitted to select seats anytime from booking up to 30 hours before departure. Finalize seat selection early, as your preferred option might not be available later. 

How do I check the seat availability on Air France?

The seats availability can be checked on the sea map of the Air France Airline by following the steps given:

  • Open Air France application.
  • Login into your account.
  • Click on the reservation you wish to make a seat selection for.
  • Tap on the seat map; you can get all the vacant seat details.