How do I get in touch with RyanAir?

Ryanair is an Irish low-cost carrier known for providing the maximum number of international flights. RyanAir offers domestic and international flights and has an impeccable reputation in providing the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

If you plan to fly with Ryan Air, first you need to get some answers, and the only thought that comes to your mind is, ‘How do I get in touch with Ryanair?’ If that’s the case, then the following points will help you contact RyanAir's support team.

  • Dial Phone Number +44 1279358438
  • After dialing the number wait for sometime
  • Press 1 For new or existing reservations
  • Press 3 Stay on the line
  • Press 5 " to get in touch with RyanAir"
  • Automated phone calls will be connected through live representative Ryanair customer service.

Different ways to get in touch with the support team of Ryanair

Contact RyanAir Customer Support Team

To contact and speak with a live representative from the customer service team of RyanAir, you’ll have to follow the points listed below;

  • Visit the official RyanAir website.
  • Once the official page loads, click on ‘Yes, I agree to accept all the functional website cookies.
  • Once you are through, locate and click on the option ‘Help’ present in the website's header section.
  • A drop-down menu will appear consisting of different options on the page.
  • Click on the ‘Help Center’ option under the ‘Customer Service’ category.
  • It will then open the official page of RyanAir.
  • Scroll down till you find the option ‘Additional Information.’
  • It will display 4 different options.
  1. Claims
  2. Contact Us
  3. General Terms and Conditions of Carriage
  4. Fees
  • Click on the option ‘Contact Us.
  • It will then display different options through which you can contact the support team of RyanAir.

Phone Support- You can call the official support number of RyanAir;

  • Select the region from the following page.
  • Once you have selected your region, it will display the support numbers and their hours of operation.
  • Call the number within the mentioned working days and hours of operation.
  • Go through the IVR procedure on the call and wait for a live support representative to connect with you.
  • Shortly, a live customer support representative will join you on the phone call.

Chat Support- You can chat with a live chat support representative;

The contact support page of RyanAir has the option to start a live chat.

  • Click on the live chat option.
  • RyanAir digit will welcome you through chat.
  • Select the relevant topics and proceed.
  • After that, a live chat representative will connect with you through the chat support option.

Henceforth, you can figure out the Different ways to get in touch with the support team of Ryanair  with the help of going through all the points listed above and getting the required resolution with the help of the assistance provided by the customer support representative RyanAir.