How do I get a refund from Azul? 

Passengers are able to file for refunds at Azul airlines by talking to someone from the customer service department at the airline for help. 

If you are pondering over How do I get a refund from Azul? You can simply refer to the official website and find proper options on the website where you are able to file refunds and also look for the refund status. 

Here are some of the steps that one can refer to in order to file online refunds at Azul airlines: 

  • People must start by navigating to the official Azul airlines website where they are able to find the cancellations and refunds option for their flights. 
  • Select the refunds option and you can find the refund request option on the page. Hit the refund request form. 
  • Complete the refund request form by entering the required details such as your flight reservation number or PNR along with your last name. 
  • Also, mention the flight cancellation code wherever applicable. Submit the form in order to successfully file a refund request for your flight booking at Azul. 
  • Passengers will receive a refund request reference number. It’s useful in knowing the refund status of your flight. Share this with the reservations department to know the refund status of your flights. 

Moreover, travelers are able to connect with the customer service team at Azul for filing a refund request to get refunds for flights reserved with Azul airlines. Multiple contact options are available to connect with the reservations department at Azul.

  • People can dial the hotline number in order to get access to support options as far as refunds for Azul flights are concerned. 
  • Travelers can also connect with the customer service executive by initiating a live chat with the customer service live person at Azul. 
  • One can also drop an email to get instant solutions as far as their flight bookings at Azul are concerned. Write an email and include your flight cancellation code to file a refund with the help of a customer service expert. 

How long does it cost to get a refund from Azul? 

Consumers must follow the refund policy released by Azul airlines and as per the policy, passengers are able to file instant refunds for their flights online via the website; however, the refund amount may take about 10 days or more to reflect in your original payment source used at the time of initial reservations at