How do I get a hold of Finnair?

Yes, you can get a hold of Finnair. Finnair is the best airline to travel to your desired location. However, it is the largest carrier of passengers across Finland. In addition, Finland’s government is the major stockholder of 58% of the Finnair and its subsidiaries which can dominate the traveling flight domestically and internationally. For this reason, if you are also planning to travel with Finnair, you will make your travel worthwhile. For that, if you are searching about How do I get a hold of Finnair? Then, here you will get reliable information about the ways of getting hold the Finnair. In addition, you can hold the Finnair by mail, phone call, live chat, or more option. Therefore, for that, you must follow all steps of getting hold of Finnair that are mentioned below:

  • Dial the Phone Number of Finnair +1 800 950 5000. 
  • Press 1  for service in English
  • Press 2 "to get a hold of Finnair?"
  • Press '#' to contact Finnair customer service
  • you need to stay on the line (less waiting time is about 2-4 minutes).

What are the ways to get a hold of Finnair?

Moreover, if you want to hold the flight of Finnair, you have to follow the following steps that are mentioned below. In addition, the customer service person can help you in getting hold of Finnair in these ways are:

Get a Hold of Finnair by phone call.

Thus, by calling the person of the Finnair, you will easily be getting hold of the Finnair. So, here are the steps of calling by IVR process:

  • Visit the site of Finnair
  • After that, you must pick the IVR number under the contact page.
  • Dial the number from your phone 

Then, the call will transfer to the IVR process call, and you have to choose the option from them that are mentioned below:

  • Dial Phone Number:1 800 950 5000. 
  • Press 1 to select the language
  • Press 2 to reserve a seat
  • Then, press 3 to cancel/ refund back
  • Press 7 to get a hold of Finnair flight by customer service spokesperson

Get a Hold of Finnair By Mail

In addition, the airline of Finland can make the mailing option to get hold of Finnair. However, for that, you must go to the mailbox and compose the email to the customer service person  at In addition, here you will ask and tell them to hold the flight of Finnair, and the airline will help you in holding the flight for 24 to 72 hours.

Hence, here you will get the knowledge about what are the ways to get a hold of Finnair, and by these methods, you will easily applicable for holding the flight. In addition, with that, you can contact Finnair at any time through live chat and social media also 24/7 because they are always available for you at any time.