How do I connect to Icelandair?

A quick guide about connecting to Icelandair 

If you need to board your Icelandair flight and have some confusion about the procedure, you can call their hotline to access immediate support. In the article, we will discuss some questions about the topic; take a look to improve your knowledge. 

Icelandair provides several ways to connect to their representative. Besides, if you want immediate support, follow the procedure below to connect to the airline via phone: 

  • Dial the Icelandair customer service phone number 1-802-341-3401 and follow the IVR 
  • Select the topic you want to discuss in the main menu 
  • Select the reason for your call, and the system will take you to the concerned departments 
  • There, you can request to connect with a live person, so stay on the line 
  • Once the live agent is available, you can discuss the problem you have and get it solved 

Alternate options to connect with Icelandair 

Email: If you are not unhappy with your last trip and need to share the complaint,  connect to Icelandair via email anytime. To email: 

  • Go to the Icelandair support page first
  • Locate the option 'submit request form'
  • Select the desired topic, and an email form will be displayed
  • Fill out all the details and submit the email form
  • Soon, an Icelandair representative will review the form and get back to you 

Chat: You can also chat with an Icelandair representative to share any common issues, including booking, managing booking, etc. To chat:

  • On the Icelandair support page, click on the link 'chat with us.'
  • When the message box appears, write your message 
  • You can send the message and follow the prompt to solve your doubts 
  • If the problem still exists, an Icelandair agent will join you to provide real-time support 

Do I have to go through security again for a connecting flight to Iceland?

No! If you don't need to go through security again for a connecting flight to Iceland. However, you might be required to pass through the passport control.

Conclusion: By reading the details above, hopefully, you get the answer to the query, 'How do I connect to Icelandair?' For more information or if you have any confusion, visit the official website of the airline. The Icelandair members can log in to their accounts for personalised support.