How can I upgrade to Aeromexico? 

While you book a flight with Latam, if you want to upgrade your seat, it is pretty simple. Latam Airlines allows you to upgrade seats by visiting the website and using the Bidding. In Bidding, you can offer a price for an upgrade. If the airline accepts itt, your booking will be upgraded, and you will receive a confirmation email. Besides upgrading via the website, follow the steps below: 

steps to get upgrade seats on Aeromexico 

  • Get on the Aeromexico official website and login 
  • In case you don't have an account, go to manage my trip option
  • Enter the booking reference number and last name, and search for your flight 
  • Select the ticket you want to upgrade, click on the upgrade button
  • Select the higher class you want to upgrade to and pay for the chargers 
  • Follow the instructions to complete the upgrade, and soon, you will receive a confirmation email 

How to get a free upgrade on Aeromexico?

To increase your chances of getting a free upgrade on Aeromexico, consider the following tips:

  • Join Aeromexico's frequent flyer program, "Club Premier," and earn Premier Points through flights and other partner activities. Accumulating enough points may qualify you for a complimentary upgrade.
  • Book higher fare classes: Opt for premium economy or flexible economy fares, as they might have a higher chance of receiving complimentary upgrades.
  • Check for special promotions: Watch out for any promotional offers from Aeromexico that provide free or discounted upgrades for certain flights or fare classes.
  • Loyalty and Status: Frequent flyers with higher status levels within the Club Premier program might also get complimentary upgrades.
  • Speak to Aeromexico: You can also speak to Aeromexico at 1-800-237-6639 and request them to upgrade yours for free. Although it rarely works, the airline might consider it if you have good records and are a frequent flyer. 

How to upgrade to Premier business class on Aeromexico?

  • To upgrade to premier business class on Aeromexico, here are the quick steps you can follow: 
  • Get on the official website of Aeromexico and log in using the credentials
  • Select the 'manage booking option, and click on the 'Upgrade' button on the screen 
  • Select the booking class and then provide the reason for the upgrade
  • Click on the button 'Upgrade Now' and enter the reservation number and surname 
  • Pay for the upgrade cost that might apply based on your fare conditions 
  • Press the submit button and select the premier business class 
  • Follow the instructions, and you can upgrade to premier business class successfully Once done, you will soon get a confirmation email for your upgraded booking class