Does Lufthansa have texting?

The passengers who want to stay connected on their flight onboard would like to know does Lufthansa have texting? Yes, one can attain the texting service on air for communicating with their friends & family. Texting while flying with Lufthansa can be accessed with the help of the FlyNet option. Further, you will learn about the FlyNet feature at Lufthansa and how one can access the same. 

What is Lufthansa FlyNet?

The FlyNet option at Lufthansa Airlines provides a WiFi facility to the passengers onboard. It allows the passengers to connect the device to the WiFi service, and through a social media channel, one can start texting with the people they want on air. The service has to be purchased by the passenger separately on board.

How do you connect a device with FlyNet on a Lufthansa flight?

To connect with the FlyNet feature at Lufthansa, one must have a Traveler ID or be a Miles & More member. The passenger should connect their device with the Lufthansa FlyNet using the given procedure:

  • Turn on the WiFi on your device,
  • Connect the device with "Telekom FlyNet" WiFi network,
  • Then open the Lufthansa Flynet page ( on your browser,
  • Then opt for the "Telekom Hotspot Service,"
  • Further, you need to select a FlyNet plan as you like,
  • Then, choose your payment method for paying the price plan,
  • Next, you can log in with your details on the Lufthansa FlyNet portal,
  • And now you will be connected to the WiFi on the plane and can start texting on an online platform. 

What are the plans available at Lufthansa FlyNet?

The plans that are offered by Lufthansa FlyNet to the passengers onboard are as follows:

  • FlyNet® Mail and Surf
  • FlyNet® Stream

What are the additional benefits of Lufthansa FlyNet?

Lufthansa FlyNet has a number of benefits depending on long and short hauls. The benefits other than texting that a passenger can attain are:

  • Surf the internet
  • Send email with attachments
  • Access to live TV programs and sports channels
  • Online shopping 

Hence, reading the provided information, a passenger does not have to think anymore, "Can you text on a Lufthansa flight?" The mentioned procedure will guide you on how you can connect to the FlyNet on the Lufthansa flight and access the internet for texting.