Delta Airlines Seat Selection policy

Delta Airlines is considered one of the oldest reliable air carriers, offering scheduled flight services to willing fliers. It connects several national and international routes with the USA. The Airlines offer seat selection facilities to passengers before departure, which can make their flight experience more convenient and feasible delta airlines seat selection. Before selecting any seats, travelers should know its terms and conditions in detail. 

  • Seat selection can be done at least 45 minutes to 2 hours before departure for a hassle-free air journey.
  • Travelers can select the seat from the available map list.
  • Fliers can make their choice only if it is unoccupied by other travelers. Otherwise, passengers cannot select any seat from the occupied one.
  • Also, seats will be assigned only if fliers have gone through Check-in online or at the Airport.
  • Sometimes, seats do not appear on the boarding pass; they can get it at the gate before boarding a Delta flight.
  • Moreover, with online check-in open 24 to 48 hours before departure, fliers can get the map list to choose the preferable seat of the same class.

How do I select my Delta Airlines seat selection?

Fliers often need to learn how to choose seats on Delta Airlines. They can do it online or offline as per convenience.

Use the Online process to select a Delta seat: 

Online is the feasible method to choose any particular seat at Delta Airlines. But, they should have a proper internet connection while choosing Delta seats for air travel. Also, they can follow some specific points to select Delta Airlines seats selection.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website
  • Fliers can click on the My Trip option during Check-in.
  • Passengers can fill in details like confirmation/Ticket number and their last name.
  • It will retrieve flight details, and fliers can select the seats from the available map list.
  • Once the seat is selected, they will receive confirmation in their mail.

Use offline/Phone to contact Delta agents for seat selection:

Travelers can use their Phones, which is the quickest offline mode to contact Delta executives. They can call Delta Airlines' contact number at 800-221-1212 /1-802-341-3401 anytime within 24 hours and ask for seat selection from the trained agents. The educated operators will help regarding the same only from unoccupied seats. But, fliers can only call executives if they have already gone through online check-in.

What Are the Seat Categories to Select in Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines has several seat categories, which are mentioned below. It depends on the fliers' budget and mindset which seat categories they prefer while using Delta flights during air travel.

  • Basic economy
  • First class/Delta one
  • Main cabin,
  • Delta premium
  • Delta comfort plus

What is the Cost of Delta Airlines Seat Selection?

Usually, there is no additional cost for seat selection at Delta Airlines. But, if fliers want to sit with their friends or near close ones, they must pay around $25 to $50. It also depends on the ticket type or fare differences.

Can You Select Your Seats on Delta in Advance?

Yes, as per Delta Airlines policy, fliers can select the seat only after check-in. However, online check-in opens 24 to 48 hours before departure. So, travelers can choose seats only 24 to 48 hours in advance but after online check-in only.