How do I contact Avianca Heathrow Airport phone number?

Imagine you preferred to fly with Avianca; your flight must have been scheduled from Heathrow Airport. You must be having some doubts related to baggage policy, check-in rules, services proposed by Avianca at the airport, airport rules, flight timings, etc., and along with these doubts, are you looking forward to a phone number so you can connect with the airline? So, go through the discussion to find out all the ways, including a way to contact Avianca Heathrow airport phone number: please have a look:

Avianca Heathrow Airport phone number

The Avianca agents are always ready to take up the calls of passengers who are in need or wish to ask a query related to service. So, you have to dial Avianca Heathrow airport phone number +442089767846 /+1-802-341-3401, where you will be assigned to iron out all the issues. However, you need to remember that some IVRs or instructions will be given over a call; you have to choose the one to connect with the agent. 

NOTE: The same contact number is valid for baggage-related information. 

Connect with Avianca via live chat. 

Circumstances occur that cause a flight to be late or canceled that cause you to connect with the agent instantly to take an update or to file a complaint (however, there can be some other cases as well, for example, flight cancelation, bookings, etc.), in this situation, you can connect with the official of Avianca via the live chat. This method will let you get written-based resolutions, and the steps for the same are the following; please have a look:

  • Visit Avianca's official webpage from Heathrow airport. 
  • Find the tab displaying "+1-802-341-3401" to continue. 
  • The chat icon will pop up on your left screen. Tap it, describe it, and send the concerns to the agent.  

Which terminal does Avianca fly from Heathrow? 

In recent cases, there was a scenario when the passenger missed his flight as he was not aware of the terminal where Avianca serves its services, Heathrow. To avoid such a situation, one is advised to know about the terminal number, which is written below; please take a look;

  • Avianca flies from terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. 
  • However, this terminal may change, so you are advised to get in touch with the agent who will give you real updates. 

What services provided Avianca Heathrow Airport?

Avianca always ensures each of its passengers whose flights are scheduled from Heathrow Airport are satisfied through its different aviation services. Now you must be wondering what type of services it offers. So, through the mentioned points, you can explore all the services proposed by them at Heathrow;

  • Check-in assistance— You can contact the agent at the airport who will assist you in check-in so you can get aboard on time without any hassle.
  • Extra baggage allowance— You can avail yourself of additional baggage services at the airport, which are usually offered by Avianca. However, this offer may only be valid for the passengers who have joined their program. 
  • Parking spots— Avianca offers a huge parking zone where passengers can park their vehicles at small or no fee. For updates, you can contact the agent of the airline at Heathrow Airport. 
  • Lounge Access— You will also be served access to lounges where you can rest and wait until you listen to the announcement of your flight. 
  • Lost and Found department— Situations when one misplaces his or her baggage; in this case, you will find the Avianca lost and found department, which will assist you in all the possible ways. 
  • Help desk— For any inconvenience, complaint, suggestions, requests, etc., you can approach the available help desk at the airport.