How do I contact Avianca Guarulhos International Airport?

Ten Latin American air carriers group is termed as Avianca Airlines, and it flies from the Guarulhos International Airport to various other places. Flight services and Airport-associated problems often appear when travelers wish to use Avianca Airlines flights in a hurry. But, travelers wish to know How do I contact Avianca Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) at the time when they meet with plane-related problems. Speaking with Airlines or Airport agents looks easy only when they use the correct ways to reach customer services.

Avianca Guarulhos International Airport phone number

Travelers who are looking for vital travel matters can call the live operators using the Phone. They can use the Avianca Guarulhos International Airport phone number, which is +55 0800 727 8957/(11) 2445-2945/(11) 2445-5000 /1-802-341-3401, to connect with executives and discuss travel issues. Travelers can also stick with the below instructions while calling the specialist agents.

  • Contact the Avianca Airlines Guarulhos International Airport customer service.
  • Get any one language from the automated IVR on the call at 1-802-341-3401.
  • Ask for all the essential flight information, such as status, reservation, missing items, and other Airport services.
  • Additionally, the available professional executives will give the right flight or Airport services answers to passengers.

What terminal is Avianca at GRU Airport?

Terminal 2 at the GRU Airport is basically used by Avianca Airlines for its wide range of plane operations. Passengers use the same T2 at the GRU Airport when they wish to use Avianca Airlines to reach any particular place. Further, T 2 allows suitable platforms or space for passengers where they can disembark from the plane comfortably or even transfer their ground transportation facilities at the flight while using its flight.

How do I call Avianca Guarulhos Airport?

For flight-related support at the Avianca Guarulhos Airport, travelers can call their executives and ask for instant help. They can call the Avianca Airlines GRU Airport contact numbers at 1-802-341-3401/ +55 0800 727 8957/ +55 0800 724 8753/(11) 2445-5000, and with the help of customer executives, they can clarify all the service doubts before using its overall services.

Trained agents are available 24/7 in almost all cases, and travelers can reach them at their convenience to get flight or Airport-related responses. Suppose travelers are unable to approach live representatives on the call; they can also convey their service problems with any other communication methods perfectly.

How do I get early to Avianca Guarulhos Airport?

For a safe and comfortable flight journey at Avianca Airlines, passengers should be present at the Airport 2 to 3 hours before scheduled departure. Passengers who use domestic Avianca flights should reach the GRU Airport at least 2 hours before the original flight departure time. Similarly, in the case of international Avianca Airlines, they can reach the GRU Airport 3 hours prior to their scheduled plane take-off time.

What are the services of Avianca Guarulhos International Airport?

Avianca Airlines allows numerous necessary customer service facilities at the GRU International Airport 1-802-341-3401. Some of these customer services are

  • Flight ticket booking, cancellation policies, and modification at the time of plan change.
  • Baggage allowance with some restrictions.
  • Online/Self-service Kiosks/ Airport Check-in facilities.
  • Car Parking, delayed, missing, and damaged items
  • Unaccompanied minor services.
  • Duty-free allowance
  • In-flight meals and entertainment.
  • Lounge facility at the GRU Airport.

What are the various contact details for Avianca Airlines at GRU International Airport?

There are many important contact details for Avianca Airlines at GRU International Airport, and that can be used to find different services. Some of these contact details are highlighted here.

  • +57 (601) 307 3940: Avianca Airlines Customer care numbers in Colombia.
  • +1 866 919 0081: Avianca Airlines customer services in the USA.
  • +506 4105 3775: Avianca contact center and baggage services in Costa Rica.
  • +503 2113 0483: Avianca customer services in El Salvador
  • +54 0800 345 0897: Avianca Airlines Argentina customer care
  • +55 0800 727 8957: Avianca Airlines Brazil customer services.
  • +55 0800 724 8753: Avianca Airlines complaints and suggestions contact numbers in Brazil.
  • +44 800 026 0402: Avianca Airlines UK contact center
  • (11) 2445-5000: GRU Airport Cargo Service Center.
  • (11) 2445-2945: GRU Customer care number and agents are active 24/7
  • (11) 2445-2221: GRU Airport Civil police contact number
  • (11) 2445-3750 / 2445-4404: Military Police at GRU Airport
  • and found items at GRU Airport.
  • Airport Code: GRU
  • Common name: São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport