Can you transfer American Airlines' miles to another airline?

No, you can’t transfer your American Airlines miles to another airline. Though the airline conducts a frequent flyer program popularly known as American Airlines AAdvantage program through which the customers can use these miles in various other ways. Customers can use these miles to purchase American airlines flight tickets for their future journeys, or they can use them to buy tickets for the partner airlines like Etihad, Qatar, Japan airlines, etc. If you want to upgrade your seats or cabin, you can use these miles.  

How can I use my AA points in Qatar?

  • If you want to use your AA points in Qatar, then you need to be clear about the procedure. American Airlines has maintained a flight award chart for the partner airlines through which you can get an estimation of the number of miles required to travel to any destination.
  • You need to visit the official website and navigate to redeem your miles under the AAdvantage program. Now choose your departure point to know the exact number of miles to be used. You need to Qatar Airways award availability via British Airways, which is a partner airline of an American airline. After successfully discovering that you need to call American airlines to book your flight. As the call is connected to the representative, let him know the important information about your flight, like your reference number and your name, and they will book you a flight using your miles. 

Is there a charge to transfer American airline miles?

  • Yes, you need to pay an amount if you wish to transfer your American airline miles. You can transfer American Airlines miles from one account to another, but the transaction will cost you a certain amount as a fee. To begin the process of transferring American Airlines miles, you need to visit the official website and navigate to the AAdvantage program, followed by buy, gift, and transfer miles. 
  • Now you need to login into your account using your credentials. Click on the option of “transfer miles” to know the exact fee you need to pay for the transfer of miles from one account to another. You can transfer a minimum amount of 1000 miles at a time, and the approximate fee for this transaction will be somewhere around $15. You are only eligible to transfer a maximum number of 200,000 miles per year from one account to another. Always visit the official website to know the exact fee as the price can be changed anytime by the airlines.