Can you get upgraded on Air France? 

Yes, you can make an upgrade on Air France. But to get the upgrade, you might get to accept the airline's general terms and conditions. And if you are not in the compilation of it, your upgradation could get canceled. Moreover, the details regarding the upgrade provision have been laid beneath:-

  • You can upgrade your class when you get the upgradation email from the airline, and this offer is available for every passenger. And if you didn't receive an email, you can also check under the manage booking tab.
  • Passengers can conduct the upgrade 48hours prior to flight departure, and that can be done three hours before the flight departure.
  • And if you have a connecting flight, then the time duration could be calculated on the departure time of your first flight.
  • The airline also provides an offer to purchase the upgrade on certain long-haul and medium-haul flights. And the duration for that type of upgrade is 30 hours before the fight departure till the check-in process ends.
  • You can upgrade from lower to higher class only, but upgrades cannot be made from higher class to lower class.
  • When the upgrade option is available, then you did it have to pay a fee for that. And it is available for passengers traveling in economy, premium, and business cabins.
  • The upgrade offer that has been proposed by the airline can be applied individually, and that offer might not be changed further.
  • If you have purchased an upgrade class, you might not be able to modify it, and it cannot be exchanged. But you can claim reimbursement if your flight gets canceled by the airline.
  • When you get in an upgrade to a new class, then you get to follow the term and condition that is applied to that.
  • If you have a booking with the help of a travel agent, then for an upgrade, you might get to communicate with them to make an upgrade.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Premium Economy on Air France?

When you have purchased the economy class fare and wish to upgrade it to the premium economy class that is in between economy and business class, you might get to pay for that. And the cost for that could be around $80 to 200 based on the type of flight, such as short or long flights, and the route you are traveling on. Moreover, the exact fare you avail by speaking with the airline customer service team.