Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation for Spirit Airlines?

If you are wondering, Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation Spirit Airlines? Then, you are on the right page and article because, in this article, there are the following answers to your queries. So, yes, you can add the TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation with Spirit Airlines. To get the brief of this answer then, below are the following procedure that you have to follow;-

Here are the below mentioned following procedure that you have to follow correctly to know how to add TSA PreCheck in the airlines:-

For new booking- if you book for the first time, follow this process; when you book a reservation, you have to access the spirit account, and your precheck number automatically settles. Also, you can use the manual process to add the reservation during the booking process. When you enter your personal details, you have to click on the known traveler number and redress number option in the drop-down menu. 

For the existing reservations- there are also options to add the TSA precheck number on your existing reservation. For that, move to the Edit Traveler Information option and then tap on manage reservations from the official website that opens. After that, log in to your spirit miles account, add the precheck option, and check your personal information. Now, move to the profile and preferences open and search for saved travel documents and number options. Finally, you can able to update the precheck number. 

Benefits of TSA PreCheck of Spirit Airlines:-

Here are some benefits that you have to remember when you use the TSA PreChcek in your flight reservation process; if you don't know What are the Benefits of Becoming a TSA PreCheck Spirit Airlines, then below are the following essential points:-

  • When you go through the security checkpoint, you can leave your shoes on. And also, leave on the outerwear, belt, and jackets, and include the laptop devices and small liquids. 
  • You can quickly complete the screening process. If you take for the extra screening process, then it will be less than the other traveler. And the average time of screening is a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  • The carry-on luggage is a breeze, and you won't have to carry your bags everywhere for checking. 

How Do I Add My Known Traveler Number to An spirit Airline Reservation?

Are you wondering about How Do I Add My Known Traveler Number to An spirit Airline Reservation? Then, you can directly connect with them through the contact number 1-802-341-3401 and the online process to add the known traveler number. However, you must enter the passenger's name, date of birth, and the known traveler number when you try to enroll with that airline because the data entry may be wronged in the travel reservations. So, you are not being able to get the TSA PreCheck indicator in the boarding pass. 

Hopefully, all the details mentioned above regarding TSA PreCheck to an existing reservation spirit airline will be helpful for you. If you want to know more then, you can get in touch with customer services.